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Burning Passion [M]

Inspired by this gifset and this song

Your phone rang for the twentieth time this hour. You groaned, feeling incredibly guilty. 

Your best friend since elementary, Yongguk, had been trying to contact you the whole day. The thing is, you’ve been avoiding him for a couple of days already. At first, you’d reply to his texts and calls, answering with brief, “I have a ton of school work to do” or “Bang, I’m really tired” excuses. At first, he let it pass, knowing how difficult your school load was, considering you were double majoring in Biology and Psychology. As time passed, you noticed his text messages grew frequent, making you ignore his ways to contact you completely. 

You didn’t tell Yongguk that you dropped Biology and changed Psychology into your major. Your school work wasn’t as crazy as it was when you double majored, but you did have more time in your hands. 

Why were you ignoring him? 

It was the typical, ‘I fell in love with my best friend and he doesn’t like me that way' scenario. 

Back when you were in high school, junior year to be specific, you realized you harbored feelings for your best friend. You didn’t think much of it, you thought your feelings would pass or at least control yourself because your friendship with him was more valuable than a relationship. 

But as time passed, your feelings grew fonder and three or so years later, you could honestly say that you were in love with Bang Yongguk. 

The only problem was, you didn’t want to have these feelings for him. You convinced yourself that you and Yongguk could only be friends and nothing more. Even if you thought that the two of you were perfect for each other, Bang Yongguk was an unreachable star in your eyes. 

You sat down in your bed, finishing up the English paper due in two days. It was a typical Saturday night; finishing any work so that Sunday and Monday were free for you do lounge as much as you’d like. 

You looked up from your laptop and looked at the picture frame on your desk of you and Yongguk, his arm slung across your shoulders, grinning brightly, while you were laughing; the picture was captured when you were hanging out with friends and they decided to throw water at the two of you while the picture was being taken. 

You smiled at the memory, wishing everything would get back to normal. 

"Stupid Bang and his stupid song." You grumbled under your breath. 

You were fine hanging out with Yongguk, even if you had the biggest crush on him. After all, you had been doing it for so many years, it wasn’t that hard. 

What changed everything? 

The song that he created a couple of weeks ago. 

Sacramental Confession. 

Yongguk had shown you his song first, heck, he even brought you to the recording so you’d be the first one to listen to the song. 

You could remember how nervous and excited Yongguk looked, standing in front of the mic while you were watching him through a window in the next room. He looked at you with an unreadable expression; you simply smiled at him, hoping that it would calm him down. 

The background music started and Yongguk’s uneasiness disappeared from his face entirely. The musician Yongguk you knew and loved began to rap his verses, oozing with confidence and attitude. 

You loved how raspy and rugged his voice sounded, the way he glared as if he was pouring his inner thoughts out. You could feel yourself heat up; his voice, his smirk, everything was driving you off the wall. 

You looked down at the ground right when he finished the song. You cleared your throat, wanting to get away from here as fast as possible. You heard the door open, signalling that Yongguk was out of the recording booth. 

"How was it?" He asked you, a heart-warming smile spread across his face. 

You smiled weakly at him, hoping that your flustered expression wasn’t too noticable. 

"You were great. I didn’t know you wrote a new song." 

"Yup, I finished writing it yesterday. I’ve been working on it for months." He rubbed the back of his neck. 

How perfect can he get?

You snapped out of your thoughts, hearing your doorbell ring. You sighed, getting up from your bed, placing your laptop down. You walked out of your room towards the front door. You peered through the peephole and saw that it was Yongguk. 

"Crap." You muttered under your breath. 

You knew sooner or later Yongguk would try to look for you; he never handled being ignored well. 

You turned the lock and twisted the doorknob, pulling the door inwards. 

"H-hey!" You greet him. 

Yongguk had a sour expression across his face. Though in an instant, his glare toned down. 

"You haven’t been replying to my messages." He said, letting himself in. 

You closed the door after him, shrugging your shoulders. 

'I've been busy.” You reply simply. 

The two of you were standing in the living room. 

"You always find time for me." 

"I-" You paused, feeling guilty. "-I’ve had a ton of work to do." 

Great, now you’ve potentially fucked up the friendship. You thought. 

Yongguk shook his head. “Whatever. You owe me, okay?” 

You nodded your head, of course you’d do what he asks. 

"Great! So get dressed." He suddenly pulled you towards your bedroom. 

"Hey, wait! What?" 

"You owe me, remember?" A sly grin spread across his face. 


"Do I really need to be here?" You asked him, rubbing your arm. 

Yongguk brought you with him to his friends recording studio. It was only the two of you and quite frankly you wish you weren’t there with him, alone. The last time you were here was when he first recorded Sacramental Confession and that was the most uncomfortable situations you’ve been in, especially when you were so close to kissing the living daylights out of him cause he was just so freakin’ irresistible.  

Yongguk sighed, pouting. 

"You haven’t been going to my sessions, I need your support." 

"But … I have work to do …" You mumbled, your gaze falling down to your feet. 

"Am I that insignificant now?" He asked, walking towards you. 

He grabbed your hand and tilted your chin up to meet his eyes. You could hear your heartbeat drumming in your ears as you tried to control your breathing. 

Why was he acting this way?! If only he knew how he made me feel. You thought. 

"N-no." You quietly answered. 

Yongguk smiled softly, pulling you into a hug. 

You mean the world to me, damnit. You cursed internally. 

You heard him mutter something but it was too faint. He let go of you and let go of your hand. 

"Just sit." He said, walking towards the recording booth. 

You nodded your head, taking shallow breaths to calm yourself down. 

Yongguk placed the headphones on. The door suddenly opened and Himchan appeared. 

Himchan was Yongguk’s best guy friend and your ex-boyfriend.

During the freshman year of college, Himchan asked you out and on a whim, you accepted. The two of you went out for a couple of months until you realized that you were using Himchan to get over Yongguk. You decided it was unfair to Himchan so the two of you decided to be friends instead. Himchan sort of knew your crush towards Yongguk so he didn’t really take it to heart. Himchan became one of your closest friends after the breakup and was the number one supporter of your liking towards Yongguk. He even tries to get you to confess to Yongguk but of course being too shy and scared of losing you best friend, you ignore Himchan’s advice. 

"You’re starting without me?" Himchan pouted, sitting next to me. He slung an arm across my shoulders, sitting comfortably. 

You rolled your eyes and looked at Yongguk who had an indescribable expression on his face. 

Yongguk cleared his throat and the background music started to play. You froze in your seat; it was Sacramental Confession. Shit. You sunk lower into the couch, wanting to disappear. 

Thoughout the whole time Yongguk was staring at you, causing you to flush out of embarrassment. His eyes were so piercing and intimidating, you felt so flustered. You started to heat up. His voice drips with sex. 

You cleared your throat, wanting to get out and run away. 

Yongguk finished and Himchan started to clap. 

"You did better this time." Himchan said as Yongguk got out of the recording booth. 

Yongguk shrugged his shoulders and sat down on the chair parallel from where Himchan and I were seating. 

"Are we going to the club soon?" Himchan asked. Yongguk was performing at the local club. You weren’t too comfortable with going to clubs but if it was supporting Yongguk, you’d go. But since you were avoiding him like a plague, you had missed out on a couple of his performances. 

"It’s in an hour so we can hang out here for a while." Yongguk replied shortly. 

Himchan nodded and sat back down, slinging his arm around your shoulders once again. 

You saw Yongguk’s jaw clench, but you didn’t think nothing of it. 

Himchan was about to ask you a question when you suddenly got up from your seat.

"I-I need to u-use the restroom." You stuttered, walking out the room quickly. 

You made a beeline to the restrooms. Once you were a few feet away from the restrooms, you slumped down on the floor, hugging your knees. 

"Crap." You muttered, closing your eyes. 

You couldn’t take it anymore. If you were to hang out with Yongguk, you’d have to get your feelings out of your system so you don’t act awkward towards him. 

"Hey." You opened your eyes and looked up. 

It was Himchan. 

"You okay?" He asked, crouching down in front of you. 

You shook your head no. “I can’t anymore Himchan.” 


"I can’t- I can’t be Yongguk’s friend anymore." 

Himchan looked at you with wide eyes. 

"I just-I can’t." Tears started to well up at the corners of your eyes. "It’s really hard, you know? I’ve been avoiding him and it’s just taking a toll on me. I can’t be his best friend anymore Himchan."

Before you could say anything else, let alone Himchan try to comfort you, you were yanked up from the ground and pulled away. You looked back and saw that Himchan was standing where we were, looking at you. 


Yongguk pulled you back into the recording studio. He locked the door before he looked at you with an angry expression. 

"Why?" He asked lowly. 

You bit down on your lip, tears threatening to fall from your face. 

"Let me out." You said, your voice faltering. 

Yongguk glared at you, his eyes burning with anger and confusion. He walked towards you, while you walked backwards. 

"Give me the reason why you don’t want to be friends with me anymore." He said in a commanding tone. 

"I don’t have to tell you anything." You replied back shortly, trying to sound mad (Obviously you failed).

"What did I do? Why have you been ignoring me? Don’t think I don’t know when my own best friend is ignoring me for weeks. I’m not stupid." 

You cursed internally, realizing that Yongguk had backed you into the wall. You bit down on your lip and refused to give him an answer. 

It’s cause I’m in love with you and you don’t like me back. You cried out in your head. 

"Tell me." He pleaded, his voice sounding so weak. 

Your heart dropped; you didn’t want to see him this way. 

You shook my head. “Let me out, please.” 

He pressed his hand against the wall near your head and shook his head. 

"You’re not going anywhere." He growled in your ear. 

"Bang let me go!" You yelled out, your cheeks buring red. 

Yongguk pressed his lips against yours. You stood there, wide-eyed. Yongguk continued to kiss you roughly, his eyes shut tight. Your arms felt numb as they hung there awkwardly by your side. You wanted to push Yongguk away but wasn’t this what you wanted all along? 

You snapped out of your trance and started to kiss Yongguk back. You heard him groan in approval, noticing that you were returning his kiss back. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. He grabbed you by your thighs, pulling you upwards, allowing you to wrap your legs around him. 

Yongguk pushed you back onto the wall, making you hiss from the slight pain. 

The two of you stopped kissing, Yongguk looked at you with concern. 

"I’m sorry I didn’t realize-" The overprotective Yongguk you knew so well was coming out. 

"Did I hurt yo-" You interrupted him by kissing him square on the lips. 

Shut up Bang. You said in your head as you kissed him roughly. 

Yongguk picked up on your pace, kissing you back with the same power. You felt his slick tongue prying your lips open. You obliged, his warm tongue licking yours. You could feel your growing wetter as the minutes ticked by. Yongguk’s soft lips against yours was actually real. 

Yongguk started to grind his pelvis against yours, causing you to moan into the kiss. Your butt pressed against the wall, Yongguk left your lips, kissing downwards to your neck. He started out with soft, airy kisses, his moist tongue dragging along the length of your neck when he suddenly bit and sucked on your skin. 

You cried out in pleasure, your back arching away from the wall. Yongguk continued to lick and suck on your neck when he started to tug on your shirt. You let go of his neck and pulled off your shirt, realizing that your jacket was on the floor next to Yongguk’s feet. How that managed to come off of your body, you’ll never know. 

You were left with your black bra, Yongguk eyed your breasts, cupping your mounds with his big, warm hands. You mewled, loving the feeling of his hands grope you. 

Yongguk chuckled darkly before pulling down your bra and sucking on your left nipple. 

"Ah!" You let out, loving how his tongue circled your nipple while his hand was pinching your right one. 

He started to bite and suck on your breasts, purple bruises forming on your skin. Even though you knew it would hurt later, you didn’t care because how Yongguk was making you feel right this moment was all that mattered. 

Yongguk stopped his minstrations and started to unbuckle his pants. Being that your legs were still wrapped around his waist, Yongguk placed you down. 

You took the initative and kneeled in front of Yongguk’s crotch, unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down with his boxers. You gulped nervously, seeing how large and engorged Yongguk’s cock was. 

You grabbed his penis from the base, your other hand’s thumb was sliding across the slit, making Yongguk hiss. You took that as a sign to start stroking him, your hand was pumping his dick in a fast pace, you looked up to see that Yongguk had his head thrown back, his mouth open wide. 

You bit your lip at the sight, Yongguk looked so appetizing, you fastened your pace. You felt him buck into your hand, you knew it was time. You stopped briefly, licking the slit of his penis. 

"Fuck." He cursed. 

You looked up to see that Yongguk was watching you with half-lidded eyes. 

You gave him a wink before taking his dick into your mouth. He groaned in pleasure as you sucked the tip of his penis roughly. You felt his hands weave into your hair, Yongguk thrust into your mouth as you deep-throated him. 

"Shit." He cursed again, you couldn’t believe that you were making the one person who vowed to never say a bad word (sans his rapping) spill out profanity like it was breathing. 

You sucked his penis harder, you felt the tip of his dick hitting your throat as he thrusted into your mouth. You played with his balls, squeezing them for even more stimulation. 

"I’m gonna fucking cum." Yongguk groaned, thrusting one last time before cumming in your mouth. 

He pulled out as you wiped your mouth from his cum, swallowing the semi-bitter fluid. Yongguk immediately kneeled down and wiped the remainder of his semen from your lips, caressing your cheek lovingly. 

"Sorry." He mumbled. 

You shook your head, telling him it’s okay. 

Yongguk was surprising you so many times today. From appearing in your apartment to slamming you against the wall and mouth-fucking you to being his sweet self. 

He pulled you up from the floor, pushing your bra back into place. You felt your cheeks heat up from the action, he’s seen me pratically naked. 

"I … I don’t know what to say." He already fastened his pants back on. 

You bit your lip, not knowing how to reply. 

"I …" You started but failed. 

Yongguk looked at you, concerned. 

"Yongguk, I’m in love with you." You blurted out suddenly. 


You stared wide-eyed at Yongguk, preparing yourself for the outcome. Yongguk first stared at you blankly then he captured your lips again. 

Your back was yet again, pressed onto the wall, Yongguk was gripping onto your waist tightly, kissing you with such passion. His hands lingered on your waist before pulling away from you. 

"You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that." He said. 

"W-what?" You looked at him, confused. 

Yongguk let out a chuckle before pinching your cheeks. 

"I love you too, silly." 

You stared at him silently for a few moments, forgetting that you were half-naked in front of your best friend. 

"Huh?" You let out, still not believing the words that came out of his mouth. 

"Jagiya," He started, cupping your left cheek, "I love you." He leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. 

You felt your heart skip a beat; as much as you liked how rough he was at the beginning, you loved his sweet side even more. You cupped his face with your hands, pulling him closer to you. His hands migrated to your waist, grasping your sides firmly. 

The kiss was soft, sweet, and innocent, yet it felt matured. Yongguk kissed with intensity but he had control. 

Yongguk’s hands ghosted at your sides, his warm hands heating your body up even more. Yongguk started to kiss you downwards, from your jawline, to your neck, soft butterfly kisses down to your breasts. You let out a stifled moan, loving his soft lips against your heated flesh. 

Yongguk unhooked your bra and threw it behind him. He cupped your breasts with both of his hands, his thumb rubbing against your hardened nipples. You bit down on your lip, enjoying everything Yongguk is doing to you. 

"Bang …" You mumbled out, feeling your knees weaken. 

"You like that?" He whispered huskily, a sly smirk on his face as he continued to rub your nipples with the pad of his thumb. 

You whimpered, nodding your head frantically. 

"You’ll love this." He said, leaning down to your breasts, his tongue flicking your right nipple this time. 

You cried out of pleasure, your back arched, your head thrown back. You were so sensitive to his touches, if he whispered naughty words, you’d probably cum on the spot. 

Yongguk started to nip at your left nipple, grazing the the hardened bud with his teeth. You bit your lip, muffling back your moan. Yongguk alterated between licking and biting down on your nipple, while rubbing your thighs.

"Guk-" You let out a pleasured gasp, you felt you were in the brink of cumming. 

Yongguk stopped and started to strip himself of his pants (again) and then yours. He took the time to unbutton your jeans then pulling down the zipper. Your matching black and white lace underwear peeked through, causing Yongguk to bite down on his lips. Your pants crumpled onto the floor, bunching up at your feet. You kicked them off to the side. 

Yongguk cupped your left cheek with his hand, pulling you into another kiss. 

The kiss was brief, Yongguk cupped your bottom and carried you with him to the leather couch inside the room, placing you down under him. Your legs were trapped between his, your wrists pressed down on the couch cushion, Yongguk stared down at you intensely. 

"What are you-?" Yongguk thrusted a single finger inside your wet opening. 

"Fuck!" You cried out wantonly. 

Yongguk chuckled, thrusting in slowly. 

Countless times you’ve imagine this very thing, Yongguk pleasuring you but nothing could compare to the real thing. 

He added another finger, causing you to whine. You bit down on your lips, hard, trying to grasp the leather couch but no avail. Every time you tried to cling onto it, your fingers would rub against the smooth surface, causing suction-like sounds. 

Yongguk withdrew his fingers and crouched down, licking your clitoris. 

You yelled out of pleasure, not caring if anyone heard you. Yongguk continued to suck on your clit, alternating between sucking on your folds. 

Your fingers found their way into his bleached hair, tugging onto them. 

"More" You breathe out. 

Yongguk started to thrust his tongue in and out of you, your tight walls clinging down onto his wet muscle. 

Just when you thought you were about to climax, he pulled out, licking his lips in the process. You groaned, wanting more. 

Yongguk pulled his boxers down and leaned foward against your throbbing pussy. He started to rub the tip of his penis against your folds, then entered the head slowly. 

You winced in pain; Yongguk was very much blessed in every way, so it was no surprise that his long, thick length would give you some kind of discomfort. 

"Should I-" 

"Just keep going." You mumbled, biting down on your lips yet again, bracing harder for the pain. 

He thrusted into you, his whole length inside, making you feel as if you were ripped open. 

"FUCK!" You yelled out, tears falling down your face. 

Yongguk grabbed your hands and interlaced his fingers with yours. He leaned his face forward slowly (making sure he wouldn’t move inside you, or at least try to move as slowly as he could), kissing you tenderly. 

"I’m sorry." He mumbled on your lips. 

"N-no, I want this." You assured him, kissing him once again. 

After a few moments of adjusting, you told Yongguk to start moving. 

There was some pain still there but slowly, the pleasure was building up. 

Yongguk let go of your right hand so that he could grip onto your hip to thrust into you harder. 

All you could hear was his erotic groaning, skin slapping against skin, and of course, you moaning as well. 

"Faster." You arched your back in pleasure, loving how he pounded into you. 

Yongguk complied, thrusting in and out, you felt your hips were going to be bruised by his grip but it was worth it. So worth it. 

Yongguk wrapped your left leg on his waist, letting him hit you deeper. 

"Yes! Fuck yes!" You cried out. 

Yongguk grunted, pulling you upwards so that you were clinging onto him as he thrusted in you. 

Your eyes rolled back in pleasure, feeling him even deeper inside, hitting that sweet spot. Yongguk continued to hit the same spot, noticing how tight you clamped against his dick each time he thrusted. 

"So fucking tight." He growled in your ear, holding you by your thighs. 

Endless ‘fuck yes’ and ‘harder’ spilled from your lips as he pounded you again and again until you saw stars. 

Your orgasm was intense, to say the least. 

Your fingernails dug against his back, you hadn’t realized that you bit Yongguk until you were staring at the bite mark you left. 

Yongguk continued to thrust as you climaxed. Two, three thrusts more, he emptied himself inside you, filling you up completely. 

The two of you collapsed on the couch, Yongguk pressing down on you. 

"Bang, heavy." You say weakly. 

"Sorry." He let out a dry chuckle, pushing himself off of you and lying down next to you (or trying to from the lack of space). 

The two of you sticky with sweat and cum. You both found it hard to get up, mostly because you were both exhausted and since the two of you were sweaty, your bodies clung onto the leather couch. 

"Aren’t you going to be late?" You asked suddenly. 

Yongguk chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. 

"Himchan can cover for me. We can stay here all night long." 

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